Thursday, January 26, 2006

Words the Media Decides to Change

American Princess has written a wonderful piece about the media changing words in mid sentence of quotes they have in news articles.

A couple quotes:

The recent kerfuffle over Google deciding to cave to China's oppressive government, banning such evil words like "Tibet" and "Taiwan" or the ever nefarious "Tianamen Square" from it's searches, got me thinking about another bit of censoring that's going on, but right here at home.

At this point The American Princess gives examples from The Baltimore Sun and the Columbia Spectator. They remove words from quotations and [replace] them with kinder gentler words. Words that might not upset the public the way the original quote would.

But seriously folks, what the heck is wrong with [journalists] today that they've opted to pre-empt not only public debate and the legislature (as the Supreme Court did years ago), but now even majority opinion and have declared "we've decided" on the matter of how all life should be labeled? I'd say they had an agenda, but there's no way the MSM could ever get that organized.

end quotes -

prying1 sez:
Please go read the American Princess Post and be aware that the side that screams the loudest about freedom of speech is also the side that will change the speech of those they disagree with.