Friday, January 27, 2006

The War Against Terrorists IS Being Won!

I love visiting AubreyJ because I know that zip, zip, cut and paste, add a link and a few words of wisdom and I have a new post up.

AubreyJ posted the following in a piece entitled - Sunni rejectionists conducting attacks against Zarqawi and his network -
Baghdad news conference held Thursday, January 26, 2006, Army Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, a spokesman for Multinational Force Iraq - quote -

"The Sunni rejectionists... if you will... are conducting planned attacks against Zarqawi and his network," Lynch said. The Sunni Iraqis were favored under now-deposed dictator Saddam Hussein. Some Sunnis are suspected of carrying out a home-grown insurgency against U. S. and other coalition troops in Iraq.

However, al Qaeda has routinely killed innocent Iraqi citizens during its attacks. That's a situation that Lynch said has galvanized most Iraqis... including home-grown insurgents... against the foreign terrorists.

In fact, Iraqi insurgents have killed six key al Qaeda in Iraq leaders since September 2005. And "recently we've seen significant operations where the local insurgency has turned on the Zarqawi network and forced them out of Ramadi," Lynch said. Ramadi is an Iraqi town in Anbar province.

end quote

prying1 sez:
Are the Iraqi citizens deciding that a group that is willing to murder innocents should be destroyed or at least removed from the country? It looks that way. Perhaps the Muslums in Iraq are learning that it is better to love their children more than to love a 'cause'. (To paraphrase Golda Mier)