Thursday, February 09, 2006

Christian Pundits Tells the Truth About the Muslum Cartoon Kerfuffle!

I was about to sit down and with my slow and tedious method of typing with four fingers while watching the keyboard and explain the updated story behind the Muslum Cartoon kerfuffle when I saw that Christian Pundits had already done a lot of the work (complete with pictures and links) for me.

Imam Ahmad Abu Laban, head of the Danish Islamic Society had a modified picture of a French pig calling contest and claimed it was one of the Danish cartoons.

quote - In a television interview, Abu Laban told Fox News the cartoon above and two others whose authenticity have come into question, came from threatening letters, but he has not replied to the network's request to provide copies of the letters. - end quote -

World Net Daily has this

- Quote - The burning this past weekend of Danish government offices in Damascus and Beirut in protest of newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad were directed by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in part using undercover soldiers acting as rioters, Lebanese leader Walid Jumblatt charged today during an exclusive WorldNetDaily interview.

"Syria is stirring trouble in the region. Regarding the burnings and protests in Damascus, it is very bizarre that a so-called secular totalitarian regime that controls everything was not able to control these demonstrations," said Jumblatt, Druze leader and head of Lebanon's Progressive Socialist Party.

"The violence and burnings in Lebanon were the work of Syrian soldiers and workers dressed in civilian clothes." - end quote -

prying1 sez: If you wait long enough the truth comes out. - This whole thing was orchestrated for what ends? To get Iran's nuke crappola taken off the front page. So an unknown Danish Muslum Cleric can have his day in the sun? More unrest in the Middle East so the price of oil can be raised?

There may be these and several other reasons for this but one thing I know. The people in these Muslum run countries are kept ignorant of the truth so those in power do not lose their day jobs. Their religion is not doing that which religions are supposed to do. That is, bring them to a closer relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth.

Unless of course the Living God wants to see people murdered and buildings burned.

I think not...

Some Muslums are waking up to the fact that their religion is falling apart.
There is this!

And this!