Sunday, February 05, 2006

Should Fear Rule Our Hearts?

I'll admit it. There has been more than once I did not post a comment on a website because of fear. A couple times I have posted as 'Anonymous' because of fear. But many times I've overcome it and posted comments in spite of my fears. This post is a response to those times I gave in rather than conquered my fears... has an excellent article on the terror Egyptian Coptics live with daily. I know Egyptian Copts who left Egypt because they would have been murdered had they stayed. They have family members that have been murdered. The Egyptian government does nothing to avenge the victims nor incarcerate the murderers. Egypt is not a nice place to live nor visit.

From the article: - quote - "...Amr Adib, threatened the life of Father Zakaria Boutros, a Coptic Christian leader. Adib did that right in front of an audience of millions. The show was broadcast in December, 2005. Father Boutros is an Egyptian Coptic priest who has peacefully inspired about 500 Egyptian Muslims to convert to Christianity, something considered a crime punishable by death in the Muslim world. For carrying out those conversions, he was imprisoned twice while he was living in Egypt in the early 1980's and is now living in exile outside of the country.

TV host Adib, in threatening Father Boutros, said that no one will remain quiet about what Father Boutros says and does even today. He will be cut up into little pieces. If he were still in Egypt, he would never be able to return to his home alive. He was told he would not get away with those conversions of Muslims to Christianity.

The reason for those threats on Egyptian television by Amr Adib was because he believes that Father Boutro's challenging questions about Islam and his quotations from the Koran about killing people denigrate Adib's Islamic faith. Father Boutros, in rebuttal, still says he wants someone in the Muslim hierarchy to answer many pressing questions and contradictions found in the Hadiths (the book of commentaries on the Koran) and the Koran itself, and that both Muslims and non-Muslims have been asking many unanswered questions that they are unable to get direct answers from by any Muslim. Father Boutro's frustration is shared by many in the Arab world, but people are afraid to speak out. There was a Muslim sheikh on the same show with Adib, Sheikh Khalid El Guindi, who also refused to answer questions about Islam from Father Boutros and said that his answer to the Father's questions will come out soon in a booklet. Of course, this will never happen, it was just a stall. The majority of the show was full of undignified yelling, insults and lies shouted by the host and others of his ilk. - end quote -

Then at Righting America there is a comment by Muslum calling himself 'BE' answering Timmer's post concerning the recent kerfuffle over the cartoons.
- Quote from BE -
As Muslims we are required to respect all religions, be it people who are Christians, Jewish, Hindu etc.
So i'’m really surprised at the pictures published in the newspaper, and also of their false nature. Maybe people should read about Prophet Muhummmad peace be upon him, and realise that he was a mercy to all mankind.
Attacking the prophet peace be upon him by drawing such pictures is attacking Muslims directly.
We dont draw pictures of other prophets like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, infact we respect them, and would never think to do such drawings.
- end quote -
Gee! No mention of peoples heads getting hacked off nor villages destroyed in the Philippines. But I digress...

In fact the commenter leaves a link to his blogsite which does not give his name nor even an email address. No comments are allowed. Is the secrecy of his name and lack of comments due to fear on his part? - Of course it is his blog and he can set it up any way he wants but I have to wonder.

I also wonder why the good Father Zakaria Boutros will get chopped up by these people that would never think to do such drawings. Then I ask, "Why were 500 Muslums convinced to leave their faith knowing that they could be killed for doing so?"

I was raised in the Catholic religion and left it years ago because I had questions that could not be answered to my satisfaction. I was not killed for changing my religion. I still have communication with family members that remain Catholic. In leaving Catholicism I turned to a person instead of another religion. That person is someone revered in the Muslum religion. I understand His name is throughout the Muslum book.

He is a prophet of the Muslum religion and is named Jesus Christ. I would suggest to Muslums that they take some time and read what one who knew Jesus personally had to say about him. John the Apostle walked by Jesus' side daily for 3 years. He wrote a small book in the New Testament (along with 3 letters) Click here to read John's words in Aramaic - Click here to read John's words in English. (other languages available at the linked site.

- Here is a challenge. - Compare what John and the Qur'an says about Jesus for yourself. Figure out which sentence in the Book of John proves the Qur'an is true. - Figure out which sentence in the Book of John might cause a man to leave Islam. -

I would suggest that Muslums seek these answers in private. Be careful! Not because of fear but because of common sense... God doesn't want you dead.