Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Not For Prime Time Commercial

Tonight during the Prime Time hours channel 11 Fox KTTV Los Angeles played a commercial that I thought totally inappropriate for the early evening hours. As a result of the commercial I wrote a letter to KTTV (see blockquote box below. - Can anyone out there tell from my description what this commercial was advertising?

to: Programming@fox11.com -

Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in about a commercial I saw tonight. At first I thought it was a typical "Carl's Junior commercial" which is a place I never patronize because of their sloppy ads. I really don't want ketchup and grease all over my clothes.

The commercial had woman washing a car with her bare ass shaking towards the camera and then smearing a hamburger all over herself. I can't remember what it was for and as a result consider it a waste of the advertisers money. Seems that the least a commercial could do is make the person watching it remember who was advertising.

This commercial is inappropriate for prime time. My wife and I were offended by it and I'm sure that people with children did not appreciate it either. Please move it's time slot to after midnight. Maybe play it between the infomercials.

Thanks for your attention to this. - Paul Young -

Just wondering if anyone else saw this commercial and will buy what they are selling.