Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This Is What Muslums Should Be Shouting About!

Instead of the Mohammad cartoons this should be what the Muslum community wants to stop.

A London Mosque Had Weapons, Forged Papers, Police Say -

A London mosque formerly headed by Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri held weapons, military gear and hundreds of forged identity documents when it was raided by U.K. police in early 2003, police disclosed for the first time today.

The Finsbury Park Mosque, in the north of the city, has been linked to dozens of anti-terror investigations and functioned as a key meeting hub for radical Islamic groups, including al-Qaeda, during al-Masri's tenure at the congregation, Britain's Metropolitan Police Service has said. - Bloomberg.com 7Feb06 -

Most non-Muslums, I should think, would find this to be a point where real outrage by the Muslum community would be expressed. Terrorists have taken over their religion and places of worship and do the masses of Muslum people rise up to condemn it? If they do I see little evidence of it. We can blame some of that on the MainStream Media. They only want to cover the exciting stuff.

However it seems that using Muslum places of worship as a weapons cache is not new. Cruising around the internet I came across this comment by Sasha: - quote - It seems that Muslims have very frequently over the centuries used mosques for arms and ammunition storage - so it was in the late 17th century when Francesco Morosini of Venice was besieging Athens (I think 1690): when a cannonball hit the Parthenon, it blew up an ammunition depot therein - and the Parthenon with it! - end quote -

This does not tell us the peoples reaction but it does show as stated before that it is not new. Have the Muslum people become inured to such behaviour through generations of clerics being vicious murderers?

Then there is this from Capitalism Magazine - quote - House of God in this case means House of War. This is what it meant on November 20, 1979, when 200 Islamic fighters seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca, with hundreds of pilgrims inside. Some 250 people were killed and 600 wounded in the siege that followed. Many of the pilgrims took up arms on the side of the attackers. Some went to Afghanistan and joined the jihad.

The 1993 attack against the World Trade Center was planned by a respected cleric in a mosque. His moral-religious authority gave him a large following in the neighborhood. Many agreed with his ideals, and did not oppose his anti-American rants. Few in the neighborhood knew of his precise plans. But all were in fact accomplices in the attack. They gave him a base of operations, economic support and a pulpit.

When federal agents recently arrested the imam and a founder of a mosque in Albany for agreeing to launder money to buy an anti-aircraft missile, the leaders of the mosque were outraged--at the possibility of discrimination against Muslims. This must be a mistake, the spokesman said. Mosques are Houses of God. - end quote - Capitalism Magazine 17 AUG 2004

When a place of worship is turned into a terrorist hideout that is when the people should start shouting. I know that if it were happening in the church I attend I would not hesitate to notify the authorities. Had I been going to church at the Waco Compound I would have been out of there toot sweet. But that is one advantage that Christians have over Muslums. If we decide to switch religions we don't have family putting out death threats.

I would encourage Muslums that have questions with no answers about their religion to search their hearts and ask themselves if they want the TRUTH about the WAY they should live their LIFE. If so, simply click on the link!