Sunday, March 26, 2006

Afghan Christian To Be Set Free

I'm sure most everyone has heard the story of Abdul Rahman, an Ex-Muslum who converted to Christianity 15 years ago and recently was facing the DEATH PENALTY for doing so. Apparently the Afghan court has decided that there are flaws in the case and it is being sent back to the prosecutors.

- Quote from Yahoo News, Reuters - "The case, because of some technical as well as legal flaws and shortcomings, has been referred back to the prosecutor's office," the judge, Ansarullah Mawlavizada, told Reuters.

He declined to elaborate or say if the review would delay the trial, which had been due to begin in coming days.

A prosecutor said Rahman's mental state would be examined on Monday following suggestions that he may be mentally unstable.

Rahman, detained this month for converting to Christianity, told an Italian newspaper from his Kabul jail cell that he was ready to die for his new faith. - end quote -

prying1 sez: So they are going to proclaim him nuts to save his life. They know he isn't but they will save their pride and face by taking the easy way out.

When his feet hit the streets will the loving and kind Muslums tell him of their care, prayers and concerns for him and his case? Perhaps invite him out for lunch and pick up the check. Will they prove that their religion is a "religion of peace" or will they murder him in the streets in cold blood because the courts are "subverting the will of Allah"?

Heaven forbid they should look to the real source of their problem and work to fix it. The real problem is an unwillingness to ask the question, "Does the god of Islam demand human sacrifices?" Evidently so. We have a case here of human beings working real hard to ignore the will of Allah. Which now begs the question, "Who or what is really Allah?"

Is he the one true, living, loving God or something else?

I can ask that question as a non-Muslum and search for the truth. Unless some "holy man cleric" from "The Religion of Peace" gets some sand ants up his butt and decides to put a contract out on me. A Muslum asks that question and he is murdered. A Muslum decided to seek the Living God and "holy men clerics" demand his blood be spilled as a sacrifice to Allah.

Are these jerks so insecure of keeping a congregation that they are willing to murder people to keep the rest in the fold in fear so they won't seek the truth? What kind of congregant would hang out in a church, mosque, temple where the leader wanted human blood spilled on the altar? Why do these people follow these bloodthirsty animals that claim to be priests? I loose my Christianity at this point.

Jesus wants us to pray for people like this.

I say, "Pray hell Lord! These jokers deserve the pit of hell. With the blanket of worms and the whole bit! And quickly!"

Jesus says, "Remember what I said while on the cross? "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

"Yeah, Lord."

"OK. Pray for these clerics because they fit right in there."

"(sigh) - OK Lord. (reluctantly) Change their hearts Lord and bless their pointy little heads.

Update: - Quote - from NY Times.Com - The court said that two of Mr. Rahman's relatives, a daughter and a cousin, had told the court that Mr. Rahman had mental problems, according to Abdul Wakil Omari, a spokesman for the Supreme Court.

"Also during his preliminary court hearing, he had said that he was hearing strange voices and that he was not feeling well spiritually," Mr. Omari said. -

But the prosecutor, Abdul Wasei, said he doubted the claim. "I did not see any kind of mental problem in this case," he said. And he said that Mr. Rahman, when asked about his mental health, insisted it was fine.

"I am O.K., you can prosecute me, I can answer your questions," Mr. Wasei said Mr. Rahman told him.

If a hospital examination bears that out, Mr. Wasei said he expects to have the case back before the court in a week.

If, however, Mr. Rahman is found to be mentally ill, Mr. Wasei acknowledged in an interview, "that's another thing and of course things will change."

Mr. Wasei dismissed as inaccurate news reports that Mr. Rahman was about to be released. "When his mental examination is finished, maybe he will be released," he said. "But I don't see any possibility of his being released before that."

The court also raised questions about Mr. Rahman's nationality. Mr. Rahman had lived abroad, in Germany, Greece and Belgium. If he acquired dual nationality, that could change the status of his case, Mr. Omari, the Supreme Court official, said.

The case began as a domestic dispute, when Mr. Rahman's family opposed his attempt to regain custody of his two daughters. In the course of the investigation, family members told authorities that Mr. Rahman had converted to Christianity 15 years ago.


What a bunch of PIGS in the Afghan State Religion!.

(sorry Lord)
- I get carried away with emotions and forget these jerks "know not what they do."

Trust me on this as a Full Fledged Charismatic/Pentacostal Christian. The true church of the Living Christ (Totally interdenominational), that is, the ones whose names are truly listed in the "Lambs Book of Life", do not want "Christian" or "Theocratic Rule" in the U.S.A. - So when you hear the Liberals talk against Christians saying they want blue laws and claiming Christians want to set up a THEOCRACY know that once again the liberals are lying or decieved by their own leaders. A theocracy in this country would have to be run by humans subject to the desire for power. WE DON'T WANT CRAP LIKE THIS IN THE U.S.A....

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