Monday, March 27, 2006

Immigration Protests Are Not the Way To Win Friends and Influence People

Most people in the U.S.A. have heard about the demonstrations going on throughout the country concerning Illegal Immigration. 500,000 gathered in L.A. over the weekend. I know it is against the law to shout fire in a crowded movie theatre but I'm wondering if it would have been against the law to shout Immigracion' at the rally? (that's Spanish for Immigration for those of you in Rio Linda)

Today children left their classes to carry Mexican flags and shout their slogans throughout L.A. and Orange Counties. Didn't hear if this sort of nonsense went on in other locations in America. Some even walked on freeways and stopped traffic. In L.A. this is not the way to get people to embrace your cause. Anything but mucking up the traffic! I'm certain there were more than a few motorists that were tempted to run over the little darlings. Had it not been for the police presence I'm sure there would have been some of these teens hurt or flattened.

Carrying Mexican flags is not the way to get either red or blue states to jump on the bandwagon. Well, maybe some of the blue states. I talked to three people today that were not born in the U.S.A. (Assorted countries to the south) and all three disagreed with the open borders that these protestors are demanding. All three came in legally. All three were ticked at these people. All three were working instead of protesting.

One Naturalized American in particular voiced my own opinion. These Illegal Aliens that want to bring their third world culture across the border and claim California, Arizona and Texas as part of Mexico should take a good hard look at where they came from and ask themselves, "Is this what they really want?" Do they want Vicente Fox running portions of America? Do they want Federales collecting bribes? Do they want the wages in California to drop to $8.00 a day? Why did they travel north if not to get away from Fox and his corrupt government.

Some of these protestors use the usual liberal tactics against anyone who disagrees with a liberal cause. Call 'em names instead of entering a dialog. Anyone whose desire is to enforce our immigration laws and wants to keep the borders secure is a racist. has a couple little video clips that proves this to be untrue. It shows a Jim Gilcrist/MinuteMan rally that had all shades, all colors of humans gathered while across the street some obvious south of the border people carried signs that demanded, amongst other things "White Racists You Get Off Our Continent" and "White Racist Go Back To Europe" - They did not have signs for the black folks that were on the Minuteman side of the street nor were there black americans on their side of the street. The La Raza (The Race) side uses the race card ineffectually. This is not a race issue.

Do we need reform in immigration?


We do not need new laws though. - We need to reform out government so that it enforces the laws already on the books. We need to work towards changing the Constitution so that babies born within our borders are not automatic citizens. We need to hold our government officials, Civil servants and elected politicians feet to the fire so they secure our borders. If all else fails we need to build a wall along the entire southern border. We need to remind politicians that Illegal Aliens do not vote!!!

At least they are not supposed to!

If we don't raise our voices in counterpoint then eventually this invasion of lawbreakers will overwhelm us. The have already changed the face of this nation. There is not a state in the union that has not been adversely affected culturally and financially. They want to change it even more!

Call your Congress and Senate. Don't leave it up to the guy next door. He might be leaving it up to you!
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