Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Illegal Immigrants Sons and Daughters

Watching the scenes of students cutting classes to run around 'voicing their opinion' is sad. - Then there is this:

- Pic & Quote from Christian Pundits - Yeah, that's the flag of the United States of America - being flown upside down AND under a Mexican flag ... in America!

The scene unfolded when Whittier area students from Pioneer, California and Whittier high schools walked out of classes March 27 to protest the proposed federal immigration bill.

What those little snot-noses don't seem to realize is that they should be d%#n grateful that they live in a country where they are able to perform a dishonorable stunt like this. - End Quote -


It seems a shame that these sons and daughters of illegal immigrants want to bring the corruption of Mexico across the border. - I guess they want villages with no sewer systems, federales that demand bribes, Vicente Fox, and $8.00 a day. -

A friend of mine (who is an American born LEGAL immigrant's son) took his kid down to visit relatives in Mexico for 2 weeks. The kid came back in three days and said it stunk to high heaven. He will not go back. He prefers toilets not holes in the ground.

Why don't these people dissatisfied with life down there, so dissatisfied that they illegally cross the border, stay down there and work to change things. Instead they come up here and allow Vicente Fox to continue to rob their brothers and sisters who do not make the trip.

What do they think California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas would look like had Mexico been running the land all these years? -

Oh, Forget that question. It is obvious these people don't think.

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