Friday, March 31, 2006

It Is Really About Border Security.

It seems that the Illegal Alien issue has become the highlight of the border issue and post 9-11 border security has fallen to the wayside. The photos of the Mexican American/Latino community are disturbing even to many in that community however they are not the real issue concerning border control.

Hugh Hewitt once again brought the real issue into focus. Yes the ILLEGAL issue is important however keeping terrorists out of our country is more important. We can accomplish both issues with a wall.

The Mexican government is not helping the U.S. with either issue. They have produced maps for Illegal passage to the U.S. showing the best routes and giving handy helpful hints to keep their people from dying. These same pamphlets can be used by terrorist s and the Mexican government obviously does not care.

Some wacko Liberal Babe on Hugh's radio show was saying that none of the 9-11 terrorists came across the southern U.S. border as if they have not nor ever will. After all, Terrorists would not break U.S. law by sneaking into this country would they. We can trust them to live by the rules.

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