Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good News on the Terrorist Front

There is now one less place in the world for terrorists to hide. I'm only 2 days behind in posting on it. I had not heard about it at all but I get a lot of my news from radio talk shows and the MSM news breaks at the top and bottom of the hours. Today ABC News Radio (I believe it was) thought it important that we know that some place in the U.S. had an emergency drill. They spent a good 45-50 seconds on it. For a 5 minute news break that is quite a bit of time.

But thank God for blogging. That is one of the best places to get news nowdays especially if you gain some trust and respect for the person doing the posting. Such is Gentle Cricket who posted this bit of news and dated it Monday 15May06:

A new Friendship Between Libya and the West

Tonight President Bush delivered a ho-hum speech on the issue of illegal immigration. While this remains the issue du jour, I have personally tired of it. For me, the most interesting and pleasing news of the day was that the US and Britain have reached a peaceful agreement with Lybia, a country that has long harbored and supported terrorism.
Furthermore, Muammar Qaddafi has vouched to take a stand against terrorism. This news represents just one of the successes that President Bush has had in the global war on terror. Under President Bush, countries that have previously harbored and/or supported terrorism - such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now Lybia - have made dramatic changes to shun terrorism. I remain optimistic that Iraq will soon follow.
While President Bush' speech on immigration may be leading cable news and covering the headlines, this much more important story is going somewhat unnoticed.

Gentle Cricket has the link to this story that reveals so much more than we ever knew about Libya's weapons programs and you'll have to visit him to see it...

Quote - The American and British team also was shown a significant amount of mustard agent, a World War I-era chemical weapon. Libya made the material more than a decade ago, and had bombs that could be filled with the substance for use in combat, the U.S. official said.

Libya also acknowledged having chemicals that could be used to make nerve agent. The official said there was little evidence of a biological warfare program.

Libyan officials further acknowledged contacts with North Korea, a supplier of long-range ballistic missiles, and provided the U.S.-British team access to missile research and development facilities.
"The announcement by Lybia to allow international weapons inspectors and to abandon its weapons of mass destruction programs clearly reflects the chilling impact of the arrest of Saddam Hussein, the invasion of Iraq and Libya's longstanding interest in having U.S. and U.N. sanctions removed," said CBS News Foreign Affairs Analyst Pamela Falk.
- End Quote -

Say what you like about President Bush and Prime Minister Blair on their home fronts but you have to admit that they are working together real well for the benefit of the world on the anti-terrorist front. When you hear people lie about "Bush Lied about WMD's" remember that this mustard gas could have ended up in your hometown.

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