Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tell the Senate, "No to Amnesty"

I received an email from a good internet friend Mr. Cary Cartter (yes, with two t's) concerning the Senate and their upcoming moves on the Illegal Alien issue. Here are a couple bits of the email and a link to the originator, -

The Senate amnesty vote is imminent!

Clearly the President and Senate leadership are working
together to push the amnesty bill through the Senate
before the Memorial Day recess. The President's speech
was designed to give the Senate political "cover" to
rush the vote and pass the bill.

The only thing that can de-rail amnesty in the Senate
is a massive grassroots uprising. That's why Ron De Jong
and I are going to deliver petitions to the U.S. Senate
BEFORE the amnesty vote!

We want to deliver a half-million petitions, but it can
only happen if citizens take a stand in a dramatic way.
Right now, we are at about 280,000. We have a long way
to go, but a flood of 500,000 petitions would really
send a message to the Senate!
The Senate WILL PASS AMNESTY unless citizens respond with
a massive show of pressure that says "Stop The Invasion"!

Sign the petition - It will only take a few minutes of your time -

Then post a message on your blog with a link to - This is our country and we should not allow the Senate to push us around.

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