Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm So Tired of Illegal Alien News 24/7

I'm almost ready to throw up my hands and say to heck with it. Lets send buses and vans down to Mexico to pick up every mother's son and drag 'em up north whether they want to come or not. And while we are at it lets put our National Guard on Mexico's southern border. Mexico's southern border is better guarded than ours is. Lets help Mexico's economy by allowing them to ship out every poor person so they only have rich people left. Except for the few peons they will need to clean their toilets. Lets ignore the fact thet terrorists can come across the border just as easily as a "Migrant Worker".

then there is this: - by Sher Zieve -
Senate Bill Destroys Illegal Immigration Reform

The new Senate version of the "Immigration Reform Bill" not only expands illegal immigration (and not just from Mexico) but, places even more constraints on the US Border Patrol. The Dodd-Specter Amendment to the bill now REQUIRES that Mexico be consulted about any proposed building of a US-Mexico Border fence. US citizens no longer have a voice or vote on the matter.

Not only have these apparently lunatic Senators (who are now part of the "Open Borders" crowd) decided that they no longer report to the US citizen-voters but, they have made the determination that "we-don't-need-no-stinkin'-borders".

Pressure from Mexico worked on the US Senate. Not surprisingly, Mexico's President Vicente Fox is said to be very pleased with the US Senate's version. Is Fox to be our next POTUS? Looks like US citizens may no longer even have to vote.

The Senate bill almost doubles the H1B visas; from 65,000 per year to nearly 1,150,000. It also includes a stipulation for a 20% increase annually. It "forgives" illegals who have stolen Social Security cards (can anyone still say "Amnesty"?). Note: US citizens found guilty of identity theft go to jail. The Senate bill states that illegals must be given "prevailing wages". Note: US citizens are not entitled to this stipulation. Illegals of Hispanic heritage are to be given a "path to citizenship", while they remain in the US. Despite false arguments to the contrary, they are being placed at the front of the line, ahead of others who have already been waiting for years.

There are too many insane provisions that are pro-illegals and anti-US citizens, included in the bill, to list here. But, you may view them at:

Have we finally lost our country to a group of fanatical US Senators who no longer listen to "we the people"? It would appear so.

Thank you Sher Zieve for asking that question - How many Voting Americans like the answer??? How many will be more careful next time they vote?

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