Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Blog Post on North Korea

AubreyJ said in a comment on a previous posing that, "I'm still waiting on you to put up a couple of posts on North Korea and Israel.
Love to hear your take on all this mess....".

Well here is the first installment AubreyJ. I was going to put them into one post but the first half got rather long...

North Korea - This country is one of the saddest examples of man's inhumanities to man. A huge segment of the population is in slavery to a government that is more horrendous than any U.S. plantation prior to the U.S. Civil War. The rest are simply toadies. I've heard it said that if a citizen of North Korea tries to run away to the south or north to China and is captured they wrap a wire around their clavicle (easily found on any starving body) to use as a leash to bring them back to their work place. (It is not known what happened to the North Korean woman the link above tells of. The link is to show the heartlessness of the Chinese Government concerning North Korean refugees.)

The left in the U.S. has been interjecting into their anti war rhetoric for quite a while, "Why Iraq"? Why did we go after Saddam when we have dictators all over the world then they cite Iran and North Korea as examples. Part of their harangue makes it appear that they are really concerned about the peoples of Iran and North Korea when in reality it is just a smoke screen for their "Hate Bush" tirade. - They could care less about the peoples of all three countries and really just want more monies spent on social programs as opposed to the military ventures, the U.S. under Bush, has undertaken.

I'm taking book on the World Governments going after these fools that threaten neighbors, run their countries into the dirt and send uncontrollable rockets willy nilly. This will be undertaken without the criminal riddled U.N.'s approval.

The world cannot afford to have these crazies getting their hands on weapons that indiscriminately kill civilians because they could and will be used against any country's civilians that is within reach. This messes up economies and ruins the tax bases. Not to mention some countries have leaders that really do care about human lives. (U.S. included despite what the loony left says.)

As soon as the good guys do go after the heartless dictators the "Progressives" will howl with anger and show they begrudge freedom for the peoples of each nation for their own self centered social welfare funds. - - - Pitiful group of humans the "Progressive Liberals" are composed of. - - - Fortunately they do not speak for the majority of those in the U.S. regardless the polls the left continually takes. Europe (especially France) is another matter.

I wish it would be sooner rather than later that the leaders and the armies of toadies of these counties are taken out. Real people are suffering in North Korea and Iran too. Many Iranians in the U.S. are looking forward to our ousting the current Iranian government. Not many North Koreans are in the U.S. to look forward to the ousting of Kim Jung Il. See previous note about the wires. When the time comes for booting the North Korean dictator I certainly hope China will stay out of the way. If China interferes with setting the North Korean peoples free it certainly will cause more unnecessary deaths in a country that has already seen too much suffering at the hands of a socialistic/communistic government.


Below is a portion of the Earthlights picture that shows the Korean Peninsula Notice the lack of lights/electricity in the North while there is an abundance in the south.

I hereby challenge any lefty to tell the world that socialism/communism is a good thing. Don't tell me that this example is not the one to use. This is ultimately the extreme that socialism runs all of mankind down to. If socialism were allowed to run rampant through the world then man's inhumanities would run rampant too...


Lord - Please bring freedom to the North Korean peoples in what ever way you see best. - Amen

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