Friday, July 07, 2006

Why Socialism?

I'm at a loss as to why those on the left think socialism is the way to go.

If an armed man went into a socialist's house and demanded, ummmm, say all the appliances in the house. Told the socialist owner of the appliances that they were to go to a 'needy' family down the street. Would the socialist really be proud and joyful that they can contribute to the needs of others?

I doubt it. They are going to be ticked off that their appliances are stolen from them no matter the reason.

The same premise holds true for taxes. The socialists in this country want higher taxes to help with the social welfare programs. This is tantamount to having an armed man come into a persons home and stealing their property.

The conservatives are called all kinds of mean and nasty names and spat upon because they don't care about the needs of the poor. Wrong. Conservatives prefer a different way of handling the problem. The old 'teach a man to fish' solution.

Help lift the poor up instead of keeping them held to a below poverty level which is what social welfare programs do.


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