Monday, July 03, 2006

RadioBlogger Pulls All the Stops out!

Headlined, "It's not what you say that defines if you are good or bad, it's what you do." RadioBlogger goes after Bill Keller of New York Times fame. You know. The paper that does not care if what they print causes grievous bodily harm to people.

Concerning the NYT and LAT revelations of the NSA foreign surveillance program Duane shows why Keller knew what he was doing was wrong.

- Quotes:

You know, it's funny how someone can say this is no big deal, we didn't do anything wrong, and yet he agonized over the decision to print.

But while all this controversy is swirling around the judgment of Keller and the New York Times, you'd think if there was a close call on something involving the Bush administration, he's error on the side of caution, at least until this current debacle blows over, right?

Not Keller. Not the New York Times. Exactly a week after they release a classified government program, in which the Justice Department ought to be considering prosecution over, Keller puts a story in this last Friday that makes one's jaw drop. Keller ran a story about the second homes of Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. And not just a story about them, but where they are, including pictures. I'm not kidding. It's like a jihadist map to the stars' homes.

- end quotes -

prying1 sez: This joker, Bill Keller, is being defended by the tin foil hat lefties which only goes to show that the "Hate Bush" crappola has gone so deep into their hearts that they may not ever be able to return to being Americans again. I think they may be permanently brain damaged. Can they honestly believe that this will not have a negative effect on the war against terrorism?

Oh, that's right. They call It "Bush's War" and because they don't like some classified information remaining classified they have every right to reveal it.

It's for our own good they tell us. - They know better than the Pentagon what is really going on because they read, "Alternative News Sites".

Remember this come the next election. Would you prefer Michael Moores Minions running things?

Click the link for more of RadioBlogger's excellent piece and if you have not stopped you subscription to the NYT and LAT please do so.

"But I do not have a subscription to either of them", you say.

Well check the list below and see if there is a way you can hit them in the pocketbook. - Be sure to let them know why you are canceling.

(Thanks to Sailor in the Desert for the list)

Here are the holdings of the New York Times Company:

The New York Times (New York, NY)
The Boston Globe (Boston, MA)
The Courier (Houma, LA)
The Daily Comet (Thibodaux, LA)
The Dispatch (Lexington, NC)
The Gadsden Times (Gadsden, AL)
The Gainesville Sun (Gainesville, FL)
International Herald Tribune (Global)
The Ledger (Lakeland, FL)
The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA)
Petaluma Argus-Courier
(Petaluma, CA)
Sarasota Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, FL)
Spartanburg Herald-Journal (Spartanburg, SC)
Star-Banner (Ocala, FL)
TimesDaily (Florence, AL)
Times-News (Hendersonville, NC)
The Tuscaloosa News (Tuscaloosa, AL)
The Star-News (Wilmington, NC)
The Worcester Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
KFOR-TV (Oklahoma City, OK)
KAUT-TV (Oklahoma City, OK)
KFSM (Fort Smith, AR)
WHNT (Huntsville, AL)
WHO-TV (Des Moines, IA)
WNEP (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA)
WQAD (Moline, IL)
WREG-TV (Memphis, TN)
WTKR (Norfolk, VA)
Discovery-Times Channel (Cable)
The New York Times
Syndicate and News Service

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