Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Boston Joins Carbon Dioxide Scam

Boston says they will be flooded by 2100 if the Feds don't cough up big bucks to fix global warming. They have no proof but they say the water on planet Earth


rise as much as 27 inches by the year 2100. (I always love qualifying words so I made sure you noticed it as I did.) - I checked and Boston's mean elevation is 19 feet. You do the math.

Are the docks in Boston only 27 inches above the high tide line? Evidently the Sierra Club wants us to think so.

I thought a lot of docks are built so that they raise and lower with the tide.

Oh well!

So here is what we must do:

Hold your breath folks! Quit breathing! When you exhale you are ruining the environment.

That air you exhale may soon be taxable. Several states are suing the Federal Government over Carbon Dioxide emissions and it is

going before the Supreme Court
of The Good Old U.S.A..

You know about Carbon Dioxide. Oh! Perhaps some readers don't know?

For those who have only recently graduated from public school it is the stuff we exhale. People inhale oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. Plants take the Carbon Dioxide and change it back to oxygen. Pretty good system and it has been working for years. It seems the treehuggers should want to be nice to plants and give them more of the nutritious (to plants anyway) stuff.

Doesn't it figure?

More Carbon Dioxide and the easier time plants will have growing, breeding and enjoying playing whatever games plants play.

BUT NOOOOOOoooo! Environmentalists want money from the Federal Government so they can save the world from the GREENHOUSE EFFECT!

(Note to self. Write posting on how Christians should sue the Feds to speed up the Second Coming...)

Scammers say the Carbon Dioxide/oxygen system is breaking down and people with money are to blame. Just give the money to environmentalists and they will change weather patterns for all eternity. They will also stop volcanoes while they are at it. .

Of course after they fix the weather problems their offspring will then need to sue the government to keep Old Sol from going supernova and all non-environmentalist's children will then be footing the bill.

Lets all just put shackles around our necks and legs and become slaves to the environmentalists. AND their children after them. If not that, lets at least from now on sign over every one of our paychecks to them.

Either that or tell them to get lost!


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