Thursday, November 30, 2006

Eating Dog Food Does Not Pay

Used to be, back in the good old days, if you heard about 'Dog Food' in the news it was because the Republicans were forcefeeding it to old folks. Type it into Google News today and the page that comes up does not at all mention 'old folks' or Republicans.

What does come up is the story of Tennie Pierce, a 19 year veteran of the L.A. Fire Department. Oh! Tennie happens to be a black man. I only mention that because it is germane to the story. Otherwise I could care less about the color of his skin.


Tennie, like others in the fire station he worked out of, enjoyed pulling and watching practical jokes. Until one was turned against him. Some of his co-workers fed him some spaghetti with dog food mixed into it. AND they laughed while he ate it.
Some stories concerning this say his nickname was 'Dog'.

Well Tennie claimed they did it because he was a black man. In effect he claimed his co-workers were/are racists and Tennie Pierce sued the city because of them.

The City Council approved a $2.7 million settlement. The Mayor, after learning more facts concerning the affair and seeing pictures of Tennie Pierce pulling pranks on others, vetoed the settlement. Yesterday the city council could not get the votes needed to override the veto.


Now I like a good practical joke just like the next man and prefer they be against the next man as opposed to being pulled on me but I wouldn't go running to sue over it. Especially if no real harm was done. Probably if I got a broken leg or arm I would change my mind about suing but otherwise I know I would laugh about it after a few years had passed... So the question becomes was Tennie harmed as a result of eating the dog food.

Buddy of mine, when he first heard the story, said he would often times lick the spoon after emptying a can of dog food into a bowl. Said some tastes better than others but most was pretty good. I replied, "If the stuff was going to kill people it would be killing the dogs." - - - - So we can say Tennie Pierce was not physically harmed by the dog food laden spaghetti.

Lets see what an expert in race relations says about it.

- From the Daily Breeze -

Geraldine Washington, president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the NAACP, said that the nature of the incident echoed a long history of tactics used to humiliate and subjugate black people.

"For a group of whites to intentionally place dog food in the food of an African-American and later taunt him about it reinforces the negative condescending attitudes of some, that African-Americans are less than human," she said.

What a crock of ....!

Was Geraldine Washington, president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the NAACP, expecting the NAACP to get a nice donation from Tennie if he had recieved the 2.7 million? That is the only reason I can think of for her making a ridiculous statement like that concerning this "PRACTICAL JOKE". - It was a joke Lady!!! - AND SHE SHOULD KNOW IT! It has been in the news. So why the psychobabble if not because of the money?


There is one good thing that has come out of all this so far. (It might not be over. Pierce's lawyer may still try to press it in court but they know they have lost in the court of public opinion) When people hear the word "RACIST" bandied about they will not automatically condemn those who are having fingers pointed at them.

A good look needs to be taken of those shouting the word. Often times they are using it for self centered reasons and not because there is any truth in the accusation.

We need to have banners made up with pictures of pet food cans and the words, "NO MORE FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS" on them. I bet we could get the dog food industry to pay for them. Place them on the roofs of court houses all around the country. Wave them in the faces of lawyers as they enter the courthouse.

Let it become an ensign held up by people that are tired of frivolous, fraudulent lawsuits and tired of hearing the word "RACIST" being used as a means to steal money from deep pockets.


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