Sunday, November 26, 2006

Identifying Child Molesters and Pedophiles

Warriors For Innocence has the skinny on what to look for!

A MUST READ for parents, pastors, congregations, employers, employees, Christians, Hindoos, Muslums, Budhists, B'hais, Zoroastrians, athiests and anyone who knows anyone that has kids or doesn't have kids plus their friends, neighbors, co-workers etc...

What are the characteristics you need to know about child molestors and pedophiles? Sues has a great post on the subject.

I will say that you should not start looking at all people with a suspicious eye after reading this. Just those who fit the profile. You don't want to destroy any friendships or relationships where it would be unwarranted.

Pastors should look at the behaviour of those over kids ministries. Do they fit the profile? If so move them to another ministry. If they leave the church as a result warn the next pastor!!!

Be aware and help others to be aware. Send the link on Sues page to your email list. It may save someones son, daughter, neice or nephew from the pain and suffering caused by molestors.

Click here now and read the article!


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