Sunday, November 26, 2006

NY Times Whines to Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

And then they have the audacity to report it in their paper as if they did the right thing.

Here is the deal.

Judith Miller and Philip Shenon are being investigated into who in the government illegally leaked information which both 'newspeople' used to inform two Islamic charities (read: terrorist money launderers) that their lovely offices were about to be raided.

Some lovely quotes from the lovely news gathering service The New York Times article concerning their lovely employees (Lovely Judith Miller of "Into the Cooler" fame is currently no longer working there):

The United States attorney in Chicago, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, sought the reporters' records directly from their phone companies, and The Times filed suit to stop him.

In August, a divided three-judge panel of the federal appeals court in Manhattan ruled in favor of Mr. Fitzgerald, saying the reporters were not entitled to shield their sources. The needs of law enforcement, the majority said, outweighed any protections the reporters might have in the First Amendment or other areas of law.

The paper's filing yesterday was a limited one, seeking an order from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg staying the appeals court decision until the Supreme Court has an opportunity to decide whether to hear the case. The deadline for seeking review of the appeals court's decision is in January, but The Times said it would move faster.


The press has been on a losing streak of late in the federal courts, with several decisions refusing to recognize protection for confidential sources. The Supreme Court has not weighed in on the question since 1972.

Floyd Abrams, a lawyer for The Times, said the case now before the court could give it an opportunity to clarify the law.

"If the government is permitted to proceed to scrutinize the telephone records of The New York Times and its journalists," Mr. Abrams said, "it will be in a position to identify literally scores of confidential sources, thus imperiling both the ability of the press to gather the news and of the public to learn it."

prying1 sez:
Let's PRAY that the loosing streak continues!

Personally I'd rather the government had the ability to capture terrorists than to allow the press to have the ability to imperil the lives of federal law-enforcement personnel and citizens that just happen to be passing by, if and when a terrorist funding organization decides they don't want their offices searched.

Would Judith Miller and Philip Shenon be guilty of murder had the people in charge of searching these terrorist funding offices been killed?

Once again the NY Times is on the side of evil people. This time the evil people were working for them...

Just lovely!

Hat tip to AubreyJ - and a thanks to AubreyJ too for his link to Michelle Malkin concerning this matter.
Update: It might be suggested that Judith Miller and Philip Shenon are not evil but just stupid. Either way they should out the person in our government that illegally gave them the information.

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