Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Elections Are Just About Over

So now we can spend the next two years prepping America for the next round.

A quick view of some headlines:


U.S. stock futures down as Democrats take control

"The Democrats are known to be less business friendly than the Republicans and there will be less decision making coming out of the U.S. government for the next two years. It's that simple," said Geoff Langham, head of trading for CMC Markets in London.


Courts Weigh In After Voting Difficulties Emerge at the Polls

Courts had to extend some voting times in various locations. First people are yelling to get the machines and then are screaming when they have problems. Some times you can't win.

Also: Electronic Voting Machine Headaches Shut Out Citizens -


Poll worker charged with assaulting voter

The incident happened about 10:30 a.m. when the poll worker wouldn’t process the voter’s ballot because he had not cast votes for the judge elections, Yates said.

The voter, William Miller, apparently cast a ballot that did not go through the voting machine, Yates said.

When Steitz, who was being paid to work the election and assist voters, looked at the rejected ballot, he told Miller it didn’t go through because he’d left all the judge elections blank.

After Miller insisted that he did not have to vote for the judges, Steitz allegedly assaulted him, Yates said. (Voters can cast ballots in any or all of the races, as they see fit.)

Steitz is accused of choking Miller and then pushing him out of the polling place, said Paula McCraney, a spokeswoman for the Jefferson County Clerk.


At this point it may be the House and the Senate have both been won by Democrats. Virginia may be up for a recount which will take time. - They apparently do not have the power to override any vetoes the President may utilize.


I will finish this posting with this link to/story from Dean Barnett's posting on entitled

Heartbreaking -

This will break your heart. It’s a Weekly Standard report by Santino Bunch detailing the harassment Michael Steele took at his polling place.

Standing in line to vote with his wife, the pair wearing matching blue Under Armour windbreakers, Steele was surrounded by folks who clearly had no desire to vote for him. They made snide comments behind his back. "They're just trying to trick us, but we know better," exclaimed one elderly woman. She went on to explain that Steele's great "trick" was not cutting to the front, but instead choosing to stand in line like everyone else.

For 45 minutes, Steele was waiting in line, listening to the jibes, biting his tongue, and smiling bravely. If not for his resolve, it would have been a depressing sight--the capacity some of us have to be rude to strangers is remarkable. Michael Steele deserved better.

I don’t understand. I always thought liberals were supposed to be nice and considerate.


prying1 sez:
I don't understand it either Dean. They say they are...


One last thing. It appears that in spite of all else most Americans believe the word "Marraige" should be reserved for one man, one woman...


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