Friday, November 10, 2006

Poor People and Birds

Is There A Relationship?

Quantum Thought Gives Food For Thought

A PRY exclusive!

Well, Maybe not too exclusive. Norm Weatherby posted this and I thought I'd lead you to it. Norm does not have comments on his site so if you want to put your two cents worth in you may do so here. - Keep it clean folks - This is a family friendly blogsite...

"The Enigma of The Bird Feeders."

There is an interesting comparison between feeding the poor and feeding birds.

Our friend "Charlie Good Guy" moves into a house with a bird feeder and lots of trees. He notices the feeder is empty and there are few birds around. He fills the feeder and many birds come. Too many. Eventually they start fighting each other for food. Naturally Charlie, being a good guy, buys another feeder. Problem, there are now a lot more birds and many more fights.

Alarmed Charlie buys ten more bird feeders to handle all the "obviously starving birds" in his treed lot.

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