Saturday, November 11, 2006

More On the Birds and the Poor

My previous posting linking to Quantum Thought's post, "The Enigma of The Bird Feeders." did not bring in any responses. I was figuring at least a couple liberals would complain about the story and say that Norm and myself were heartless and cruel for thinking ill of the poor.

None did.

It was not thinking ill of the poor for Norm to write his story. It really tells of how misguided enablers will draw to themselves those that are users.

I like Norm's story because I've seen it in action. Although his story is fiction it had a major element of true/real life in it.

I wrote to Norm and he included my comment in his posting.

Did I mention I like the story? - I've seen it happen through our church at one time. FREE FOOD! was the cry. Until we started demanding a bit of work through painting, gardening etc...

Hey! Where did the poor people go???

Here, in this posting, I write my remembrance from the 80's of what was behind that comment.

A mile from our church is a park that had become a hangout for "Urban Campers". Some might call them homeless. A few people from our church decided to do something for these poor folks so one Saturday they dragged a couple bar-b-ques down there and set up a huge picnic for them.

Huge success.

These folks were so grateful for the delicious meal and were very friendly and quite a few were receptive to the Word of God that these good Christians were sharing with them. All were invited to the church the following day.

The following day (Sunday) none of them made it the mile away to the church service perhaps because they didn't know where the church was or felt they would be out of place amongst all them 'fine church folks'.

The following Saturday with each meal served assurances were given they would be welcome to come to the church service the following day. Perhaps connections could be made for jobs etc...

None showed up.

However, during the following week quite a few people come by asking for help. They really needed/wanted money but seemed satisfied to take a bag of groceries each. The next week even more came for 'help'.

I believe it was a Wdnesday that one man came by as Mitch, our church custodian, was finishing up some gardening. He was approached by this man who asked if there was somthing that the church could do for his predicament.

Homeless and hungry...

Mitch said the man would have to wait a bit while he finished what he was doing. As Mitch coiled hoses and put away the gardening equipment the man sat and patiently waited. He was so patient he did not feel the need to hurry Mitch up in his work by lending a hand. He just patiently waited for Mitch to finish.

After the gardening tools were put away Mitch led the man to a paint shed and explained that the church would be happy to give him food and some pay if he would help with just a bit of painting.

The man got irate and after a few choice words that sailors use normally outside of earshot of ladies he left without getting a bag of groceries.

The word must have spread pretty quickly because the beautiful people requesting help from out little church thinned out to nothing in two days time. None would lift their hand to paint or garden. None showed up for the next Sunday service either...

prying1 sez: I am not against charity and I'm pretty sure Norm is not either. What I am against is enabling people asking for handouts so they don't have to work. I could write more on this but I think this posting along with that of Quantum Thought's is 'nuff said'...


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