Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Say No To Crack Contest Winner Recieves WONDERFUL Prize

Those that follow my blog on a regular basis know that I entered a contest at "Say No To Crack".

Whooo Hooo! Guess who won???

The only prying1 I know about.


I hear my own horn tooting!

Wait a second. Perhaps that is not a horn but a reaction to the Taco Bell food I had for lunch...

I was offered as a Prize:

- $20 cash
- $20 gift certificate/card (or equivalent example: blogmad or blogexplosion, 2,000 credits instead)
- Our super secret gift

My reply was:

- $20 I can 'borrow' from the wife
- Gift certificate I can get for Christmas
- Blogmad/Blogexplosion credits I can have the wife blogsurf for 'em

I'll take the super secret gift!

All these years of watching Jeopardy have finally paid off!

Whoo Hoo! This is more exciting than watching repeats of Lucy,
Gilligan's Island or Green Acres!


The Super Secret prize arrived BUT!
You will have to visit Say No To Crack - Announcing our toilet contest winner! - and check the comments to see what it is. I put a link in the third comment. I figger that the time and expense Anita B went through deserves mucho visitors. - Be sure to click HOME on the above linked page and see what is new on the site. Go back often. Comment often. Link to the site often. Quite a hoot! - I've had visitors to my site say they don't miss a day without checking what Anita is up to... - That sez a lot for anyone's blog...

AND if you win one of the future contest choose the Super Secret Prize!

P.S. Another contest is ongoing at I'm Thinking of the "O" Word... (Easy to find a link for Baby Pool and even easier to enter...)

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