Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Upcoming Presidential Election

Can't we have a break? It is like maggots crawling from beneath a lump of road kill all these politicians setting up 'EXPLORATORY COMMITTEES" for their "PRESIDENTIAL RUN"...

All it really means is GIMMEE Money!!!

Seems like politicians have nothing better to do than to run for office. Son't they have jobs to do?

There are not too many congressmen, senators or governors (or even mayors for that matter) that that would demur at having PRESIDENT on their tombstones instead of their current appellation. Just seems to me that they ought to take a break for a few weeks or months in between elections.

How does this sound for a new law:

Any politician that does not give his adoring public a 6 week campaigning break after each election will be strung up by his thumbs and pelted with paint filled balloons.

Or should it be 6 months?


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