Saturday, November 18, 2006

Womens Groups Stand Where Regarding Islamofacism?

Mighty quiet over there on their website concerning the attrocities perpetrated against women in Islamic counties.

I was reading a post on
With Sticks and Stones
concerning Pakistan changing it's rape laws to give a little more human rights to women. ariadneK, Ph.D. is just a little ticked at these 'holy men' in Islam that protested because they can't rape women to teach 'em a lesson for having a brother that has an affair with a woman above his station in life...

From Yahoo News (Link subject to disappearing. Trust me and ariadneK, Ph.D. this is what it said - She has posted more of it than I): International and local calls for change intensified after the 2002 gang-rape of a woman, Mukhtar Mai, who was assaulted after a tribal council in her eastern Punjab village ordered the rape as punishment for her 13-year-old brother's alleged affair with a woman of a higher caste.

So the law gets changed a touch to protect women and the Islamopoohbutts (My pastor reads my blog on occasion so I can't use the words I really want to...) get upset.

Pro-Islamic lawmakers stormed out of the National Assembly Wednesday in protest of the new legislation, known as the Protection of Women Bill.

"We reject it," Maulana Fazlur Rahman, a top Islamist opposition leader, told reporters after the vote, which he described as a "dark day" in Pakistan's parliamentary history.

Rahman and other Islamists vowed to devise a strategy to block Senate passage of the bill. Islamic political groups have previously staged mass rallies to denounce moves by the military-led government deemed contrary to Islam.


The amendments include dropping the death penalty and flogging for people convicted of having consensual sex outside marriage and giving judges discretion to try rape cases in a criminal rather than Islamic court. Strict Islamic law dictates that a woman claiming rape must produce four witnesses, making a trial almost impossible.

Discussion on the bill broke down in September after the government failed to win support from opposition Islamic groups, particularly for abolishing the need for four witnesses to a rape.

In a compromise, the government proposed the clause allowing a judge to try cases in either a criminal court or in an Islamic court. The new bill also removed the right of police to detain people suspected of having sex outside of marriage, instead requiring a formal accusation in court.

This led me to wondering about the U.S.Womens lib outfits and their stand against women being raped for their brother's sins all in the name of Islam and their god allah.

Well! Let's see. Try the NOW nags first. Hmmm - Link here for Global Feminism... Hmmm Here is an article -
What Now for the Women of Afghanistan and Iraq?
- dated 9/04??? - That's over two years ago. Oh well, Lets see what it says. Hmmm Bush is at fault for women being mistreated in both countries. Things were better for women under Saddam Hussein.

Tell that to the little girls his sons were raping...

Back up and try this link for violence against women articles. Looks like articles on the U.S. and Mexico. Nothing on Islam.

Try Googling - Womans Issues -. Let's see - Women's Issues Demoted to Political Untouchables - pro ripping babies out of mother's wombs site...

Google - Womans Issues Islam - Muslum Womans League - Hmmm. Quote - The Muslim Women's League regrets Pope Benedict's recent comments regarding Islam at a time when the world needs religious leaders to act with enlightenment and knowledge to bring peace, justice and harmony to a world on the verge of chaos, violence and ignorance. - end quote - Hey idiot!!! It is YOUR so called religion that is causing all the chaos, violence and ignorance. - Probably written by a man hiding behind a woman's skirts...

All the rest of these hits are Muslum web pages saying how wonderful their religion is.

Oh well. Never mind. I guess all is well and we can go back to sleep now...

The National Organization for Women is right to ignore it...


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