Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Who Forged the Rathergate Memos?

In the middle of an Opinion Journal from the Wall Street Editorial Page entitled 'The Jordan Kerfuffle' there is this paragraph.

But Easongate is not Rathergate. Mr. Rather and his CBS team perpetrated a fraud during a prime-time news broadcast; stood by it as it became obvious that the key document upon which their story was based was a forgery, and accused the whistleblowers of the very partisanship they themselves were guilty of. Mr. Rather still hasn't really apologized.
-----end quote----

At one point this unsigned editorial was attributed to Bret Stephens but apparently he did not want credit for it so the word is out now that no one or everyone on the Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote it and stands by it... Maybe some unknown person slid it under their door and the unsigned article is really a forged document.

But I digress. The question I have and have raised before is WHO WROTE THE RATHERGATE MEMO'S AND WHO FORGED THE LT COL's SIGNATURES???

It seems to me this is a crime that has been swept under the table by CBS, Dan Rather and all parties involved. Had I taken the name of any man woman or child and pasted it to a paper to perpetrate a fraud I would expect to be imprisoned if caught. I would also expect at least the local papers to mention it on their pages.

Why is it that this story, which would help vindicate the parties that were fired, is ignored my the mainstream media? Why don't the people fired from the Rathergate Scandal blow the whistle? Aren't there any investigative reporters left in this country?