Tuesday, February 15, 2005

No WMDs Means What?

I received an email from my friend Debbie (please see previous posts 'For Seth' and 'Autumn in My Heart') in which she answers her friend concerning the No WMD's argument.

---- Deb's statement ----

... this Iraq thing--it was always about more than wmd's. It was tracking the terrorism back to its homeroots, which Bush said he'd do, no matter which country it was. Was that wrong? Guess it depends on who you talk to. According to the military Bin Laden was behind the terrorists attacks on Sept. 11. Those attacks that day constituted an act of war. But the attacks weren't ordered by a country, but by groups of terrorists who reside in and are supported by various countries. The terrorism has ties to the rich Saudies, Saddam Hussein and others. For those that disapprove of what the Bush admin has done as a response to the war initiated upon the U.S. I have to ask again and again--what would you have us do? What do you think we should have done when our country was attacked? If there is a better answer out there I really want to hear it. It's not enough to beat Bush up--what's the answer????
---- end quote ----

--- prying1 sez ---

The answer is that declaring war against Iraq WAS the right thing to do. I hear people complaining about no WMDs. Look at what has been found. Stockpiles of weapons (that can kill), bundles of cash (that could be used to support terrorists) and an army of fanatics willing to kill anyone that gets in their way.

Children in prisons, women subjugated to inhumane treatment and men forced to watch as their premenstual daughters are raped are now things of the past in that country and soon will be in the surrounding countries...

The question I have is why people that say they care about animals, human rights and women's rights continually raise their voices against what the U.S. has done in Iraq? Why does "Hate Bush" take precedence over freeing a people that suffered inhumane treatment for generations? Why do people chortle with glee at the idea that the Iraqi elections might bring about a government similar to that of Iran?

I think it terrible that people ignore what good things have come about from our invasion of Iraq and continue in the now tired and discredited line, "No WMDs..."

I challenge those people to go back and see that Bush stated SEVERAL reasons for invading Iraq and at the time Democrats as well as Republicans in our Congress and even the majority of our general population agreed it was the right thing to do. These people are allowing themselves to be led as a pig with a ring in its nose by those who prefer political power to spreading freedom. They need to wake up.

"Hate Bush" does not answer the questions Debbie asked!