Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Kick Back - Don't Run Amuck

In recent months the blogosphere has uncovered some slime in the world of mainstream media that really got truth seeker's hackles up. Some also in the blogging world. Of course I'm speaking of the Rathergate forged memos, Easongate unreleased tape, and Armstrong Williams undisclosed payments. There has been several other things too that the blogosphere has helped to illuminate. Would it be easy to uncover more bones from beneath the dirt? Most likely.

Yesterday on Hugh Hewitt's radio show a few bloggers extraordinaire (Lileks - Instapundit and others) shared their thoughts on the final act of Easongate. One thing I heard really struck home. That is, if the blogging world just spends all it's time looking for the next scandal it will lose in the end. Mainstream media will point and claim that the bloggers are just scandal mongers and only want to destroy peoples lives. The majority of the people in this world still do not know what blogging is and are still led by the nose with whatever the MSM says. It would do great damage for a long time to the credibility of those serious bloggers that are ethical.

I think it would be in the best interest for bloggers to NOT go searching for the next blog storm/swarm but instead wait for it to come to the blogosphere...