Wednesday, February 16, 2005

UN Rapes Are NOT New

For years the rape and atrocities have been perpetrated by UN troops and officials. The entire organization is like a rotten pumpkin in a field. - It looks good from a distance but get up close and it stinks.

from Women Against Rape website:
It was late at night when the woman farmer came out of her house in the village of Joru in Sierra Leone to go to the lavatory. She saw a large white truck that had stopped about 50 metres from her home. It was an unusual sight, so she hid and watched what was going on. Inside were two white men and a black woman, who was yelling: "Leave me alone."

"The door was open and one of them was on top of her," recalled the farmer, "K", who is in her fifties. "The lady was really struggling. I saw that one was holding her down while the other was raping her. I was able to see because the men had opened the door to the car and the light had come on."

The two men then moved the truck further down the road and stayed about 30 minutes to rape her again. "I saw both of them have their turn on her. After they had finished, I saw one of them drag her out of the cabin and put her in the back of the big truck." They then drove off.

There is nothing surprising about rape in Sierra Leone. During the brutal civil war, which was formally declared over in January last year, it was as common as the notorious mutilations. What made this crime stand out, however, was that the alleged perpetrators were peacekeepers from the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (Unamsil), which has been in the country since October 1999. With more than 16,000 troops, it is the largest peacekeeping operation in the world. "We're all a bit frightened of those Unamsil people now," said K. "We tell our girls never to get in a truck with them or the same thing might happen to them."
----end quote----

The whole UN organization should be disbanded and forced back to the ratholes they came from. Is it any wonder U.S. soldiers do not want to be part of it...