Thursday, February 03, 2005

Christian Aid Reports Billions Missing in Iraq

Christian Aid - A U.K. bases charity has claimed that Billions of Iraqi money earmarked for reconstruction had gone missing.
In a scathing new report to Congress, Gen Stuart Bowen, the special inspector general for Iraqi reconstruction, said that while the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) was careful to monitor the spending of US taxpayers' money in Iraq, it failed to provide proper oversight of projects paid for with Iraq's own funds.
previously 4 billion was claimed to be missing but now the number is claimed to be nearly 13 billion.
Corpwatch has some examples of pilfering of the funds:
One example was poor control over an oil pipeline repair contract that resulted in more than $3 million in overcharges, including billing for work not done. Also, the assistant to the U.S. military coach for an Iraqi sports team gambled away part of the $40,000 allocated for team travel to tournaments.

Officials have seized $29,000 in an investigation of counterfeiting in Iraq, the report to Congress said.

The report did not say if any investigations had resulted in criminal charges but noted that at least two Americans had been fired and returned to the United States. Iraqi prosecutors are handling the case of an Iraqi who took payoffs while falsely claiming to be with the Education Ministry, the report said.
prying1 sez -
Look for scam emails in the near future offering you a chance to help some poor soul whose dead uncle had pilfered it. Just send your bank account number they will give you half...