Friday, February 04, 2005


Hugh Hewitt interviewed Rony Abovitz, the journalist and blogger who first broke the story on Eason Jordan's comment that the U.S. military was targeting journalists for assassination. We learn that the meeting in which the comments were made were most likely video taped. Rony said, "I saw a cameraman operating a camera throughout the session filming everything. Unless he was just there going through the motions, it was taped."
So now I ask if Mr. Jordan feels he is being singled out with undeserved persecution why isn't HE demanding to have the tape shown to the world?
--------I would like to see or hear a better explanation than he gave to Rebecca MacKinnon:
"I did not say all journalists killed were targeted, but that some were shot at on purpose and were not collateral damage victims. In response to a question about whether I believed the U.S. military meant to kill journalists in Iraq, I said, no, I did not believe the U.S. military was trying to kill journalists in Iraq."
And this was said after journalists were embedded with our forces and covering the war first hand.

In trying to get an email address for Richard D. Parsons, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Time Warner, I found that by going through Time Warner's Web Pages there is no email address readily accessible for him - He need to be sent a copy of Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World
by Hugh Hewitt
- It would only do good for his company...

(I would send him a copy but I gave my extra one to my Pastor and I'm sure he will not part with it.