Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Toy Doll as Hostage?

Apparently a G.I. Joe style doll has been taken hostage or is being used in some sort of hoax or scam. - Isamic militants claimed they captured an American G.I. and have a pic of him on their website. - BUT! -

--from CBS story--

.....a spokesman for Dragon Models USA Inc. said the figure in the photograph resembles "Cody", an action figure based on US special forces soldiers fighting in Iraq.

....."For us, it bears a striking resemblance," spokesman Liam Cusack said from the company's headquarters in City of Industry, California.

--end quote--

prying1 says: -

Looks like a hoax to me but I have to wonder if those purported to be the "Mujahedeen Squadrons - Iraq" were taken for a ride on this one - They sure look foolish and this is bound to loose their support...