Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hugh for Secretary of State

Radio Blogger is asking for people to write to the Governor of California requesting he temporarily appoint Hugh Hewitt to the position.
Kevin Shelly has resigned apparently because he is more corrupt than even democrats can stand. (Michelle Malkin has the story) This leaves the position open long enough for Hugh to be appointed, fly up to Sacramento, fire everybody, resign and scuttle back to the studio in L.A. to do his radio show. - Please jump on the bandwagon and write to the Gov. today! Who knows - He might write back to you and you will get to tell your friends, "Arnold and I are good buds!"
Following is my letter to Governor Schwartzenegger:

Dear Governor,

I hope you will seriously consider giving the job of Secretary of State to Hugh Hewitt on a temporary basis - A day or perhaps a week. - It is not like he is a NORMAL Talk Show Host. - You know, big mouth and opinionated - Well, perhaps opinionated but in a good way. - I do believe though, by doing so you will bring national attention to the state and perhaps increase the amount of visitors to our fair state. Plus I think it might liven up the stuffy halls (due to others, not you, of course.) at the state capitol. - Paul Young -