Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Thanksgiving from Iraq

This is from George Grants Blog King's Meadow - Thought it was well worth sharing - Well worth visiting there - Lot of good stuff!

Thanksgiving from Iraq

Today I (George Grant) received a short note of thanks from my friend, Raz Rasool. Mrs. Rasool was a candidate for the Iraqi Congress in Sunday's election. She is also the cofounder of the Women's Alliance for a Democratic Iraq. Her note was simple and to the point:

A warm hug of appreciation from Iraq to the Good Hearts, the Brave Hearts in the United States. Congratulations for us and for you are in order for the great success of the Iraqi Election Day. Today we are not only free but we have stood united for democracy. Today we marked our history with the bright words, "Winning the War Against Terror and Against Dictatorship." Today we won our identity before the watching eyes of the entire world. Today Iraq is for us and we are for Iraq, while yesterday Iraq was for Saddam and Saddam was Iraq. Today Iraq is for us all: Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, Turkomen, and many others, while yesterday we were all isolated and alone, looking for a home of dignity, humanity and peace.

After all this, how could I even begin to say "thank you?" Yet, I must try.

Thank you, America, for everything you have given from your families to the families of Iraq. Thank you for every minute you have contributed to Iraq. Thank you for every word of support. Thank you for every courageous moment. Thank you for every gift of aid, every project, every rebuilding enterprise. Thank you for being the best friend Iraq ever had. Thank you on behalf of our Halabja, Anfal, tortured men and women in the prisons of Saddam. Thank you on behalf of all Iraqi innocents who have given their lives for precious freedom. Thank you on behalf of next generation of peace and hope in the Middle East.

Thank you. I send a warm hug from Iraq to the Brave Hearts in America.