Sunday, March 27, 2005

Continue in Prayer!

I have found that since Terri Schiavo's situation re-hit the news and I have been blogging on it I have increased my prayer time - Praying for Terri, her parents and family. Praying the judge would not starve and dehydrate her. Praying her husband would give up custody etc. Praying the congress attempt would be successful. Praying something could be done through the law so that our government could/would not be accused of committing murder...
This is my prayer now. I pray that others that have enjoined in prayer at this time do not decrease the amount of time they pray if and when Terri expires. I pray that they direct the extended prayer time to lifting up before the throne of God the family, friends and neighbors that they personally know are in need of God's attention. I pray that they spend time getting to know the mind of God as opposed to just ordering him around with directives. I pray that they also earnestly lift up Judge Greer and Michael Schiavo and pray God's protection over them.

The last line might be hard for some of us to swallow. I know it is for me. I am working real hard to make sure a root of bitterness does not grow in my heart. The best way I know is to pray God's mercy, grace, and loving kindness upon them. This is perhaps the toughest thing God has commanded us to do. Pray for your enemies, Pray for those who despitefully use you. By doing so we prevent ugliness in our hearts from destroying our relationship with God.

I'm certainly glad that, except for a few incidents, most of the people that really care from both sides of the debate have conducted themselves in a legal manner.

The law in this country is important and for those that wanted the FL Governor and the President to break the law to save Terri did not fully think through the results had either of them done so. Had they chosen to travel that road the ultimate end result could well be anarchy.