Monday, March 28, 2005

Link Meandering Comes to a Nice End.

Started at Radioblogger and lost track of time. Followed Duane's link to Free Republic and had to go see the source of all the hubbub. The News-Record, A North Carolina Newspaper that has set several employees up as bloggers.

Well, now I must give a hat tip to Lex Alexander at The Lex Files of the News-Record for this one. First I must say that Lex Alexander is doing a good job and I believe his blog is an asset to the planet. Now Lex has posted about this great deal. - An online course "designed to help "grassroots" journalists, bloggers, students and other Web publishers without formal journalism training to write more accurate and informative content." - For a price even Scotwise will love. FREE!

OJR introduces new wikis on journalism - Ethics, Reporting and Writing are covered. Links to other resources are included and looks to be chock full of good advice, common sense and the ability to grow with (registered) reader participation. I would suggest beginning bloggers run through the site and learn a bit. Longtime bloggers may want to share some of their expertise or a link to a helpful site. - Enjoy!