Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Some Stars Favor Life for Terri Schiavo

- 13 Days - Court Agrees to Consider Review of Schiavo Case - According to ABC News:

Twelve days after Schiavo's feeding tube was removed under a state court order, parents Bob and Mary Schindler had apparently exhausted all their judicial options in the bitter family dispute that has escalated into a highly politicized national drama.

But late on Tuesday, lawyers for the Schindlers requested a rehearing of their appeal at the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. A three-judge panel there last week rejected the appeal against a lower court's rebuff.

A spokesman for the Atlanta court, Matt Davidson, said the court had agreed to consider the Schindlers' request for a rehearing by all 12 judges. The documents in the case were forwarded to the judges overnight.

The judges did not indicate when they might decide to rehear the case or not, he said.

Doctors have said that Schiavo, 41, would likely live up to two weeks after removal of the feeding tube, and family members have said she is weakening so there was little time left for any court intervention.

Also some TV and music stars have come out in support of Terri as has Jesse Jackson.

NewsMax reports Bill Clinton (Who always knows which way the wind is blowing) is now in favor of the Schindler family. Terri's story certainly is making strange bedfellows.

It is getting down to the wire for Terri. I'm praying the Lord will sustain her. I'm also expecting the usual gabble about quality of life and how she is damaged goods, must be thrown away, I wouldn't want to live that way (as if anyone would prefer it).

Here it is for the naysayers. (Most) Christians believe that the breath of life was given by God and is to be respected and protected until the final one taken by each of us.