Friday, April 01, 2005

My Remembrance of Pope John Paul ll

The Pope is nearing the time of crossing over. Indeed as I type this he may have reached the other side. I felt it in my heart to share a bit of my feelings/thoughts concerning this point in history. Trust me on this. No disrespect is meant on this post. I was raised Catholic but left the fold in my 20's for a more non-denominational type church.

One thing that really impressed me about Pope John Paul was a bit I read in a book by Terry Law, The Power of Praise and Worship I think. It has been a while and I can't find the book right now. I do remember the bit Terry wrote about being in a church in communist Warsaw, Poland and after a concert of praise and worship a local Catholic priest invited the group to his abode. They spent the majority of the night praising and worshiping God, the priest joining in with his voice and guitar. At a later date and prior to the publication of this book the priest was elected to be Pope.

It seems the time is nearing that this same priest will be adding his voice to the heavenly crowd of worshippers.

The other remembrance that immediately comes to mind is when the pope came to visit L.A. California.

Leave it to Los Angelinos to make a buck no matter the weighty business involved. A news article in the L.A Times (LAT) told of a man selling standup cutouts of the pope that were designed to be set up on front lawns. A garden hose was to be connected to it and water would come from the cutouts hands raised in benediction. The words, "Let us Spray!" completed the image of the popes concern over the care of your lawn.

Only in America!