Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Dictatorship of Relativism" Quote is Spreading

The evening before the new Pope was elected Hugh Hewitt read portions of Cardinal Ratzinger's homily for the mass for the election of the new pope on the air. That was the first I heard the line, "Dictatorship of Relativism". Soon after getting home for the evening I Googled the statement in quotation marks. The quote marks ensure that those words, in that order, are all that Google will pull up. It will not pick relativism from one sentence and dictatorship from another. Try it with and without and you will see what I mean.

That evening there was 0 (ZERO) hits on the quote. It was a apparently a brand new statement that the Cardinal had made. It did have some hits on the Google News Link reporting his homily but zero pages had it up to that point.

This evening I was doing a bit of blog surfing and came across Varifrank's blog. He has a hilarious satire on The brother of Pope Benedict XVI, Georg Ratzinger. It is titled, "Mom! Joey is looking at me again." (Must read for anyone with siblings) On Varifrank's comments I mentioned that it was apparently a new line and stated - quote - At this point in time (7 PM Calif 4-20-05) there are 5830 Google hits for the phrase... - end quote -

It is now 3 hours later (10 PM Calif 4-20-05) there are 10,300 hits for "dictatorship of relativism." - This statement has caused a blogswarm of sorts. - As Varifrank said in his blog concerning it: "I sincerely like the "Dictatorship of relativism" statement, and its made me think (which was I think, his whole idea)."

Thanks for the laugh Varifrank!