Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Why the Bible?

In conversations with friends a couple days ago the question was asked of me as to why I believe the Bible. There are two reasons really. One is that years ago I experienced an event that changed my life in a positive way. That was when I asked the risen Lord Jesus to really touch my heart. I'm sure you have heard of Easter. The day the tomb of Christ was found empty. Well, He did not die again after that. He is still alive and I asked him to prove it to me. He did by entering my life in a real and tangible way.

The second reason I believe the Bible is because every time I read it I find truth.
Yes some parts seem contradictory but some parts will apply to real situations in my life one day and the contradictory part will apply to my life the next day. It really is a comfort and inspiration for me to forget the things behind me and to stretch forward to the things ahead.

What about all the miracles and signs and wonders and stuff? Was that stuff true? All I know is that with God in my life I will believe in miracles. Without him I would believe...???