Sunday, April 17, 2005

Radio Blogger posts Hugh Hewitt and Mort Kondracke on Judicial Filibuster

The entire conversation between Hugh Hewitt and Mort is posted at Radioblogger. I don't know how Generalissimo does it. Sure am glad he does though.

Quote from the interview: H: That's good to know, too. So it looks like they're going to win it. But the Democrats, I had Nan Aron and Ralph Neas on this past ten days, Morton. And Nan Aron is urging a filibuster of Supreme Court nominees if they are like Michael McConnell, Mike Luttig, and even John Roberts. These are mainstream, already confirmed judges. So they are burning their bridges. They're burning their ships.

MK: You know, for the life of me, I can't understand solution to this problem is, let's have a debate on these people. I mean, if the Democrats are so convinced that they are extremists, then what they ought to do is start talking about who they are, what they stand for, what they've done, and all this. I mean, the Democrats in the past have been able to defeat Robert Bork. They had to character assassinate him in order to do it, but nonetheless, they did it. And they managed to get a majority of Senators against him. Now, granted those were in the days when the Democrats ran Congress, but nonetheless, if somebody is truly out of the mainstream, truly an anathema, or can be made to appear such, you can win it on a straight up or down vote. I don't understand...

HH: They admitted to me, both of them admitted to me that all of the filibustered judges would win confirmation if they were allowed to have a vote. And Mort, I made the same argument to them. If they are as bad as you say, have a debate. Ask for 60 hours of debate. And you know, the Republicans will give them as much time as they want, if there's and end to it. It's not about that, it's really about keeping certain people off. Now, I don't know if you've seen this, but Bill Frist has agreed to talk next Sunday at a nationally televised conference featuring James Dobson, Chuck Colson, Al Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, it's going to be beamed to churches all over the country. (see two blogs back for my take on the Frist appearance at "Justice Sunday"

It is obvious the democrats are unwilling to debate the true reasons for their opposition to these judicial nominees. They would have done so already. Instead they depend on their base continuing to help spread lies about the constitution and how evil these nominees truly are.

The only reason they do not like these folks is the abortion issue. I would like to have some democrats reply as to why ripping babies from their mothers wombs is the most important issue they stand on? Doesn't the blood get on your shoes?

Hugh also wrote an article for World Magazine. In it he says, "Ralph Neas of People for the American Way and Nan Aron of the Alliance for Justice wield so much power over Senate Democrats that their filibuster endorsement apparently signals Democratic intentions when President Bush nominates a successor to Chief Justice William Rehnquist, whose retirement is widely expected though not yet confirmed for early this summer. - end quote -

prying1 sez: Lovely people the Democrats have that are really running the party. Wonder if the base really knows who they are and what they stand for?