Sunday, April 17, 2005

Progressive Conservatism Blogs on Chemical Weapons in Iraq

Progressive Conservatism has an extensive article on insurgents in Iraq attempting to brew up some chemical weapons. The question is then asked, did the insurgents try making the stuff as a result of the U.S. incursion or would they have done it without the U.S. removing Sadam from power.

Quote from Progressives Site: "They say Iraqi resistance groups have tried to manufacture "CW," and one might have managed it if the Americans hadn't swooped down on them. The danger has even spilled over into Jordan, where authorities say a plot hatched in Iraq aimed to kill thousands with "poison clouds." The threat demands "sustained attention," says the chief U.S. arms investigator." - End Quote -

prying1 sez: I think these 'insurgents' (read 'terrorists') will continue to murder as they murdered prior to the U.S. led invasion of Iraq. Indeed they were murdering prior to 9-11. Leaving them to their own devices would not have slowed them down one iota. Meeting them on there own turf has slowed them down. Continuing in the "War on Terrorism" will, in the long run, save more lives than if we allow the thugs to continue running around loose.