Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hillary is Flipping While the Voters are Flopping

Some people just don't understand Hillary Clinton. Hillary's Poll Numbers are down.

Well, I don't put much stock in poll numbers but I'm sure Hillary does. It seems her numbers started dropping after she blasted Republican crackdowns on illegal immigrants as unchristian. Following this Sen. Hillary Clinton told the New York Daily News she wants US borders secured with a wall or fence, possibly surveillance drones and infrared cameras. Hmmm. This is not being well-received by illegal immigration activists.

So her numbers are down.

If people understood Hillary the numbers would not have changed a bit.

I read this in an article by Jim Kouri posted at The Conservative Voice.

- Quote - Why the sudden about-face on immigration? Well, last week a Rasmussen poll showed that only 26% of likely voters would definitely vote for Sen. Clinton while 41% would definitely not vote for her. In match-ups with Republicans such as Rudy Guiliani and Sen. John McCain, she gets slaughtered (54%-Guliani, 39%-Clinton; 52%-McCain, 39%-Clinton). So while Clinton had been lurching to the left, especially on illegal immigration, she's decided to now lurch to the right -- again.
- End Quote -

prying1 sez: Don't these people that would even consider voting for Hillary know that she is lying to the right just to fool them into voting for her? Don't they understand that Hillary is lying to the left because even they would not agree with her true socialistic agenda? (Remember Hillary Health Care?)

I guess not. These liberals are about as smart as a brain in a jar.

But then again. "41% definitely would not vote for her"... That means that 59% might or would.

Are there really that many idiots out there???

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