Monday, April 24, 2006

Hiltzik Sock Puppeteer Cover Up by MSM

It is OBVIOUS the NY Times and others in the Main Stream Media (MSM) don't want the public to get it. It is real simple. Michael Hiltzik, an employee of the L.A. Times set out to deceive people by posting pseudonymous comments on his blog that praised his words and personage while belittling his opponents. The NY Times missed that little bit in it's news article regarding the suspension of Mikey's L.A. Times supported blog

In other words, he would post a comment using his real name then come by later with the name 'mikekoshi' and slap himself on the back for making such a wonderful point in the first comment. He did it on his blog and the blogs of others.

Sounds like something a child would do.

I guess he did not find enough people on his side to suit his purposes. He had to bring in Harvey.

Paterico's Pontifications (Patrick Frey - A Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles found out and posted about the deception and what is being called 'sock puppetry' of Michael Hiltzik.

The NY Times did not contact Patrick Frey for it's article (he is not in hiding) and they (as others have) got it wrong by giving him the job title "assistant Los Angeles district attorney". I have to wonder if they even went to his website which they did mention.

Once again the MSM has demonstrated it's inability to get a story straight and to open up with all the facts. Not telling the public something, hiding facts, can be more deceptive than getting the facts wrong as far as I'm concerned. Case in point is Patrick Frey is a Deputy District Attorney - NY Times said, "assistant Los Angeles district attorney" - To most of us we at least know he does something in the legal profession. Had they not mentioned even the wrong job title we would be totally in the dark regarding his work outside of blogging.

On Friday the two words Googled together - hiltzik mikekoshi - Brought up less than 20 hits. At this point in time I read 27,500 hits. (Watch it jump by one when I click 'post'.)

The main impetus for this in the blogosphere is not Mikekoshi's sock puppetry (Which reminds me of Pee Wee Herman. He was being held down by a threatening bunch of tough bikers in the biker bar and Pee Wee said, "I say we let him go!" out of the side of his mouth.) but the MSM's inability and unwillingness to come to terms with ethics AND Michael Hiltziik's unwillingness to fess up and admit he was wrong.

A simple apology at the start would have stopped the wave that is still building. This really started as not a supper big deal really. All that was needed was an apology and all could have gone on their merry way.

That is something I learned in grade school.

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