Monday, April 24, 2006

Ignore Them and Let's All Get Ripped Off!

I don't know about you but I get those credit card apps in the mail all the time. Sometimes I open them up and write "DECEASED - REMOVE FROM LIST" - on them. Then I mail them back in the prepaid envelopes. Most often I tear them in half and trash them. I'm thinking of loading fifty pounds of rocks and busted up cement in a box, sealing it and mailing it back to them with their prepaid envelope attached. How much would that cost them?

Hey! That is one way to dispose of old monitors and trashed computers. Can't dump them any more. Bad for the environment. Send 'em off to those jerks and let them deal with it. Maybe it would become cost ineffective for them to continue with the mailings but I doubt it. They must get a good enough return on the damn things to cause them to continue with the mailings.

Well visiting Ted Richardson over at Fraud, Phishing and Financial Misdeeds gave me pause for thought concerning these credit card mailings. He gives a link to that has a wonderful demonstration of what not to do with those credit card apps that appear so relentlessly. - Go see how Rob sent a ripped up, taped together, address modified form and got himself a brand new credit card. Maybe the next card with his (or your) name on it will be for someone that hangs out at the dump.

Tearing them up does no good. We need to invest in a shredder... Or mail 'em back with rocks.

By the way. Check the Google Ads on Rob's pages...

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