Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Looking For Visitors To Your Blog?

Update - The contest is over! If you are visiting here from a searchsite You can still visit Jerico and see how he handled the contest. You might want to try something similar one day. Otherwise you can visit my more recent posts here.

Here is a chance to win 4000 credits to have people visit your blog through BlogMad! Bloggster Jerico has just started a contest to give away:

* 4,000 BlogMad Credits.
* A signed copy of Jerico's Debut Album (A real collectors item!)
* A link to your website place throughout several locations on his blog.

Don't have a BlogMad account? Click here and sign up! absolutely FREE!

This contest will be going on for a few weeks at least if not several weeks so be sure to add the URL to favorites in a spot you can remember to visit...

Winning will be easy! OR WILL IT? All you have to do is visit Jerico's site and follow the clues to the end. BE SURE TO SAVE EACH CLUE! - DO NOT POST CLUES IN THE COMMENTS SECTIONS! - You don't want to give away the prize so I'm sure you wouldn't do that but I thought I'd mention it. Posting the answers is not the way to win but is a no no.

Visit Jerico to get the full set of rules. The Scavenger Hunt Sticky at the top of his page will fill you in and give you links to the rules and to the clues as they get posted.

This is posted in the comments at Jerico's site:

BlogMad Admin said,

April 28th, 2006, 12:47 pm

BlogMad have gone ahead and decided to round off the prize to an even 5000 and will donate 1000 credits to the winner over and above the 4000 currently up for grabs!


BlogMad Admin

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