Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just in Time For Memorial Day!

What is a Vet?

Sergeant Allen - A 25 year old Iraq veteran posts this question with an answer that might make you tear up a bit. - You have been warned.

- From Contact Right - What is a vet? -

Please post a bit on your blog and pass on this link - And don't forget to say "Thank you!" to a vet this weekend. (What the heck. Why not every day?)

Hat tip to Cary Cartter of I'm Thinking of the "O" Word...


I thought I'd bring this up again -

Jordan Leigh has written a beautiful and moving song for our fallen soldiers and dedicated it to her brother Kenneth Schall who died while serving in Iraq. Listen to her song:

Soldier, I Thank You

I previously posted More on this song and Jordan Leigh here

Thanks again to Cary Cartter for the link to the beautiful song! I get some of my best posts from him!

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