Friday, May 26, 2006

Phat Mommy on "Save the Internet!"

I have not done ANY research on this subject. I will say. "I'm going on gut feeling here". That and a bit of knowledge of history. When I first heard about this program to "Save The Internet" I was reminded of what George Putnam (Check Bio here) has continually said about Hegelism. - Manufacture a problem where none exists, Fill the people with fear about it and then come riding in on a white charger with the solution. -

Shannon of Phat Mommy fame has this bit to say (Plus more at her site!) about the target="_blank">"Save The Internet" business.

When I first read the Save the Internet campaign, I admit it sounded logical to me. I mean, gosh, those big evil corporations are going to prevent little ol' me from reading my favorite blogs! No one comes between me and my blogs, people. But after a little more research, I'm not convinced anyone is trying to prevent me from accessing anything. And I'm definitely not convinced that government regulation is the answer.

Let's try to put the issue in plain English. Net neutrality is the concept that everyone should be equal in cyberspace. You can just as easily and freely visit The's of the Internet and you can the Mommy bloggers. The telecom and cable companies that own the pipelines over which internet info travels would like to offer faster delivery to those companies that are willing to pay a premium for it. That means could pay Comcast to push it's web site through at a faster rate. Result? You get a better experience at Amazon's site. If the technology is available, why shouldn't telecom companies profit from it? I may be missing something, but I have yet to see even a hint that some web sites would actually be blocked. Slower, relative to other sites, possibly, but not blocked.

By instituting regulations, Congress could actually hinder the development of new and exciting Internet technologies that we are not even aware of yet. Not to mention pave the way for {shudder} taxation.

prying1 sez: Go visit Shannon and leave a comment. Before they block her site by passing legislation to "Save The Internet"...

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