Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Hate Buried Comments!!!

Sometimes I come across a blog post that deserves an answer. Then when I comment it gets lost in the deep, forgotten, underworld of blogging, "The Comments" of a never read again post.

Well I type with four fingers and sometimes a thumb. Plus I proof read most everything (sometimes successfully - Spell check caught a couple in this cut and paste). All of this adds to the time factor. At times I can agonize for the right word to make my point. I hate to see all that buried forever and ever and ever until the Internet is no more. (See Wikipedia - End of Eternity)

Not to mention that ParaTed2k says he likes my writing and thinking. Quote from his comment on one of my posts: "excellent writing and you make some great points." (Got him fooled at least. Shhhh...-(;-)

Setup: Citizen Against Lies posted "Supreme Court: Bush WAY Exceeded Powers" in which the blogger came up with the usual "Hate Bush" diatribe that did not offer any solutions and in effect gave aid and comfort to people that want to rip off the head of anyone including their own mothers if it serves their purpose. (This includes you and I dear reader)

With 3 Contributors to this blog (Shelly L., John P. & Mare) we have for this post Shelly L, writer, with Mare commenting - Ohhh! What a wonderful thing it is for the Supreme Court to give Geneva Convention signing status to merciless thugs with no uniform or country's army status behind them. (See ParaTed2k's post on that) Much of the typical "Hate Bush" blindness that so many progressives have these days.

My comment follows:

Even if this was "Bush's War" I don't understand why you are against it. This is a war of GOOD PEOPLE against terrorism that should have started when the Twin Towers were first attacked. You remember that event or perhaps you were not born yet...

- These murderous (Remember Nick Berg) offspring of pigs would slit your throat as soon as listen to your drivel. Good luck to you and yours if you win and you help the U.S. and it's allies loose this war against Islamofacism...

Just imagine your favorite ladies wearing burkas

Perhaps they will kill you quickly and not muck it up like they did with Nick Berg!

P.S. ATTN. Mare (Another Commenter) - re your line: "Actually, it's Bush, his cronies and a little more than a third of the US population against those of us who still like to think for ourselves." -

According to your math you have 2/3rds of Americans on your side!

Win the next elections and you can rule the world. Haa Haaa Haaaa!!!

What a loser... Hey Get Michael Moore to run. There is a winner for you! (More laughter as I hit the submit button!


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